Program Overview

The Infant Program is for children up to 18 months, and operates with a maximum of three infants to one qualified teacher. We work closely with parents to structure the development and dietary plans suited to each child’s specific needs.

The sleeping centre of the classroom provides a comfortable, separate and quiet area to keep each child on their usual routines and ensures children are happy throughout the day and as they are reunited with parents.

Healthy meals and snacks are provided for infants catered to their specific needs. We offer infants 3.5% milk or rice milk. However, formula and/or breast milk can be provided by the parents.

Our infant program space is over 800 square feet for just 9 infants, providing ample space for your little ones to learn, play and rest.


The Infant Program staff are nurturing and have a love and dedication for this age group. They are early childhood educators and assistants with a strong knowledge of child development. They are patient, kind and are adored by both children and the parents at the Centre.

Our staff interact with your infants in a loving and caring manner as they build on each child’s self esteem and gross motor skill development. They even teach infants to learn sign language!

Group Learning

Small Group Time:

As teachers get to know each child’s individual interests, they are placed into smaller groups for learning and play. This is a time for teachers to really focus on their group of children. The infants may play a game with the teacher, create patterns together, explore a new sensory activity, or learn sign language. It is a great opportunity for a teacher to interact with a smaller group of children and teach them new things on a more personalized level.

Large Group Time:

This is a time where all of the children join together for stories, songs, and games. The children are encouraged to participate in group activities and socialize with their peers, and to laugh, sing and learn together as a group.

Outdoor Activities

Little Feet Big Dreams offers planned outdoor activities. Children are taken outside for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Travelling outside in their triple strollers, the infants may explore the local footpath on a walk or play in our fenced playground.

In the event that the weather does not permit outside activities, the Centre also boasts a full sized gym with various activities and equipment for infant play. Our Centre is equipped with lots of toys, games and activities dedicated to indoor gym time. When the weather is a little unfriendly, we ensure your children still have access to a large play area to get in their morning and/or afternoon exercise.