Program Overview

​The Toddler Program is for children ages 18 months to 2.5 years, and operates with a maximum of five toddlers to one qualified teacher. At Little Feet Big Dreams, we believe that children learn by experience. As a result, we offer a variety of activities geared to developing your child’s gross motor skills, fine motor control and sensory awareness. We ensure that our programs offer the right balance of structure and free-play in every age group so that children can learn while exploring their own interests.


​The Toddler Program staff are fun, energetic and have a love for what they do. They are early childhood educators with a strong knowledge of child development. They are kind, helpful and are adored by both children and parents at the Centre.

Our staff play a special role in your child’s development. Toddlers will be encouraged to initiate their own activities in a sensory and cognitive enriched environment. Feelings of self-worth will be gained as children successfully master developmentally appropriate tasks.

Group Learning

Small Group Time:

As teachers get to know each child’s individual interests, they are placed into smaller groups for learning and play. This is a time for teachers to really focus on their group of children. It is a great opportunity for a teacher to interact with a smaller group of children and teach them new things on a more individual level.

Large Group Time:

This is a time where all of the children join together for stories, songs, and games. The children are encouraged to participate in group activities and socialize with their peers, and to laugh, sing and learn together as a group.

Outdoor Activities

​Little Feet Big Dreams offers planned outside activities and a large fenced playground. Children are outside for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

In the event that the weather does not permit outside activities, the Centre also boasts a full sized gym with various activities and equipment for toddler play.